Scintilla atelier de Poterie


Hello, the name of my studio pottery is my first name Scintilla (meaning spark in Italian).

My interest in various forms of arts led me to pottery as an expression of my personal being. ​I've been working with clay for more than 15 years now.

Throwing on the wheel is my true passion, together with the creation of interesting recipes for glazes.

Using stoneware clay, I make unique tableware, like coffee and tea sets, and various plates and bowls. Each piece is unique and results from the balance between shape color and function. In my studio, I also give lessons throughout the year.

You can buy some of my pieces here in my e-shop, you can come to my shop in Denges, or you can visit two beautiful concept store 'Les Artisanes' in Cully or 'Etincelles & Creations' in Chexbres.