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my creations.

Hello, the name of my studio pottery is my first name Scintilla (meaning spark in Italian).
My interest in various forms of arts led me to pottery as an expression of my personal being.
Throwing on the wheel is my true passion, together with the creation of interesting recipes for glazes.
​Using stoneware clay, I make unique tableware, such as coffee and tea sets, various plates and bowls, jugs and teapots.
Each piece is unique and results from the balance between shape color and function.

I graduated 'Maestro d'Arte' at the ceramic school “F. Faccio” in Italy and later I graduated in architecture from the Polytechnic of Turin, Italy.
After a work experience as a potter in a renowned studio pottery in New Mexico (USA) with British potter Andrew Sanders ( I moved to Switzerland.
I've been a professional potter for more than 15 years.

​In my studio, I also give lessons throughout the year.




You are welcome to write me in French, English or Italian

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Classes for adults are aimed at beginners as well as those with some experience of working with clay. We work together on projects or themes to learn the basic ceramic techniques - slab rolling, coiling, pinching, throwing and glazing.

You are also very welcome to work on your own ideas and projects under my guidance!

The groups are small (6-7 people) and you will receive lots of individual attention and work from the basis of your own qualifications and interests.


I give lessons in French, English or Italian. Registration for courses can be made at any time and can be renewed each month. The course fee must be paid during the first session of the workshop.

weekly class chose a day:

Monday 9:30 -11:30 (full)


Tuesday 9:30 -11:30 (full)

Short subscription - 4 lessons (2 hours per lesson) 200.- (+15.-/kg for material and firings).

Validity 6 weeks.


Long subscription - 10 lessons (2 hours per lesson) 450.- (+15.-/kg for material and firings).

Validity 3 months.


Max 6-7 adults per class.

You choose a day and you come once a week in a row.


private class:

Wheel throwing, working with slabs, coils, glazing.

1 person 70.-/hour per person (140.- for 2 hours, one person)

2 people 55.-/hour per person (220.- for 2 hours, two people)

Equipment and firing are included.

(I can glaze your pieces at the end of the private class at the prize of 20.-/kg when the piece is finished).

Write or call to ask for availability.



My studio-shop is in Denges

route de Genève 101



Shop hour:

MON-TUE-THU-FRI morning:9am - 12am

MON and TUE afternoon:13am - 16am

WEND and SAT:by appointment


Always better to call me before and we can fix a rendez-vous!

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